If you only have a dump file with extended inserts it’s bad but it’s not a disaster. In most cases I can convert your dump file to a file usable by Bigdump using my special tool and some manual work. However I’ll have to charge you 39 EUR (for dump files up to 1 GB uncompressed size, price for larger files on request) for this service payable by Paypal. If you agree please send me a link to your dump file for investigation. You can download the converted dump file usually within 12 hours. I guarantee that the resulting dump file can be imported completely using Bigdump according to the usage notes if it can be imported into your database at all. Otherwise you’ll get your money back.

Support services for BigDump can also provide the solution you need.

  • Need help restoring or moving a large mySQL database?
  • Need help converting your dump file to use BigDump?
  • Need help developing new software that use BigDump?
  • Need a feature that BigDump doesn’t currently provide?
  • Need help getting BigDump running?
  • Need a bug fixed right away?
  • Need someone you can ask if you run into a problem?

For more information please contact me.